The mall of “clicks”

The mall of “clicks”

Societies and markets are facing crucial changes during quarantine and the pandemic crisis. Social and personal habits are transforming, directly affecting what people buy and how they decide what they really need.

Observing these changes and directing them towards the benefit of the society and fulfilling the customer’s needs is what 8×8 agency provides.

We can learn a lot about details that we often ignored during these hard times, a lot of people now are taking a closer look into the details of their everyday life and the many personal small plans which were previously postponed because of daily busy routine.

During this time staying online is a getaway for the majority of this planet’s residents, whether for social or shopping purposes. Digital marketing has grown rapidly through the past months, staying indoor most of the time has changed a lot of people’s perspectives, many have started to do the unfinished business regarding their indoor and personal life, and shopping in quarantine time has become only a click away, it can even get much easier than it used to be, since the availability of the customer base can be used in helping the growth of the products.

With the growing digital market 8×8 agency focuses on ensuring the customer’s needs, getting a grip on what the new market requires, and managing the market’s restraints, opportunities, and daily trends.

Digital markets are a fertile grounds for building new brands and offering new items to the increasing customer base. We must not forget that there are 2.6 billion monthly active Facebook users, and the number of global social media users is expected to reach almost 3.43 billion in 2023 according to Statista 2020, that’s a whole other planet there that needs to be taken care of!

8×8 studies what motivates the customer to buy a certain item online thus creating a solid vision of the market’s needs on both short and long term.

Its quiet obvious that digital users these days care most about making their homes a nicer place to stay in, coping with feel of confinement or solving the problem of not having the suitable equipment for home working.

Another segment which care about staying healthy and fit are not to be ignored, they also search constantly for means to kill boredom, according to toy brand Ravensburger the U.S. sales for toys has grown by $256 million to reach $3.6 billion in early April, reporting that its puzzle sales had increased by 370%, and yes means of leisure changes from one market to another but everyone agrees on having fun from time to time!

Online marketing methods during quarantine are fiercely competitive and they affect how people see the product, for example according to Wyzowl 2020  84% of people say that they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by just watching a brand’s video, so quality here makes a huge different in shaping the customer’s decision.

Digital shopping has become a basic element in peoples life during the pandemic crisis, they try to keep the normal flow of life as it was, for example according to analysis, sales of oat milk used in a cappuccino served at coffee shops have grown over 500 percent so as the online retail sales that plummeted by 30% rising 21% higher than the same time last year according to ecommerce personalization platform.

A lot of people battle with quarantine anxiety, nowadays buying things online is not exclusively about what you need but also for gratification and mood enhancing, there are new factors that controls how people decide what they’ll buy like the feeling of control and trying to keep a glimpse of how life used to be before quarantine, and that’s where the role of a qualified digital marketing is crucial, to effectively fulfill the market’s needs and manage it.  

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