The factory of digital marketing

The factory of digital marketing

Marketing plan is the journey a product undergoes to reach a higher level.  

Just like Willy Wonka and his chocolate factory, a team of different backgrounds and roles responsible for producing an image, just one unique image of a product.

Imagine any thought or item in the world, and with the proper plan you can change its value and rephrase its role. Marketing is an art and a talent, while the strategy is choosing the mediums by which Willie Wonka would take use it to introduce his special chocolate.

A digital marketing strategy consists of several tactics which could be the recipe. First we determine general objective of our marketing plan regarding a specific product in other words Willy Wonka’s vision of how he wants his new line of chocolates to be.

Then we target our audience, those who will take our five golden tickets. Who are we talking to? What do they need and what do they aspire after? How will they react to our approach?

 Determining the targeted audience follows a detailed analysis about demographic, geographic and psychographic aspects. afterwards the big chocolate machine runs another wave of analysis, analyzing the competitors who went through the process using a different recipe, our product’s strength and weakness, opportunities and threats.

At this point Willy Wonka can write down the action plane which includes the digital tactics we’ll use to take our brand to a higher pitch.

The visual language is one of the strongest and most direct ways to brand your product, that’s how designing attain its crucial role in the factory of a marketing plan. And while the product takes its visual appearance a writer chooses the accurate words of persuasion and identifying the chocolate bar, the product, and then it’s ready to go live by experts of social media platforms.

And in order for Augustus not to fall in the chocolate river and get sucked in the pipe, the account manager is responsible for identifying the client’s vision for the product, following up the whole process to achieve the goals exactly as determined and keeping the monthly digital calendar on time.

With a genuine digital marketing and a proper planning Violet will turn violet without even knowing! And the factory of digital marketing will keep creating images and impressions. 

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