What’s next? the new marketing dilemma

What’s next? the new marketing dilemma

In marketing nothing goes away we only add up

Technology changed consumers, their habits, preference and behavior. The new advancement, where advertisements come from everywhere, it is on the streets, TV, newspapers, movies and even it got your phone made the consumers to shift, and when the consumers shift the brand must as well.

We witnessed in the last decade the emergence of a new marketing paradigm, that called for the death of the salesman or do more marketing to turn up the volume of your sales. Creating the new relation between technology and marketing that will keep rising, beating its old versions as the technology evolves.

New era (digital marketing) What is going on in the market?

It all started with the evolution of new mediums aside from the physical one, radio and TV, then came the internet to boom thing around. The web changed everything.

For marketers, it meant a whole new batch of mediums to work with. The market changed it became know your consumer and engage with him as engagement became the keyword for any successful campaign.

The web is saturated. Email inboxes are full. Social news feeds are busy. The novelty of many strategies has worn off.

But, as quick as the digital revolution came, the quicker its efficiency became a question. Industry experts estimate that the average consumer sees around 4,000 to 10,000 ads per day. By this the brands have a long running battles to stay relevant in this crowded virtual space.

In this battle a new weapon emerged, the use of influencers and video marketing as it became necessarily to increase your engagement and exciting content. But like its physical predecessor digital marketing got its limitations. The web is saturated. Email inboxes are full. Social news feeds are busy. The novelty of many strategies has worn off.

The Future

In marketing nothing goes away we only add up, so the web is not going away and yes, we will continue in digital marketing but what we wonder is what will come next?

Marketers usually view consumers through a short-term lens, their impressions on this campaign, or how many views on this video. But this kind of evolution should include the importance of working towards building longer relationships with the customers.

As consumers are getting pickier, brand loyalty will be on the rise. A 2019 Yotpo survey of over 2,000 U.S. consumers showed that nine in 10 consumers feel consistent or increased brand loyalty over time. And 25% of them are more loyal than last year.

People are getting tired from choosing all these identical products, they got overwhelmed by the digitalization and how easy the ad reaches them. They reach for the brands that they know or the one that cut through the noise.

The emerge of the savior

Experiential marketing can take the lead from the digital marketing in the future as it takes many forms, but its core goal is to provide consumers a real-life memorable interaction with a brand.  The face-to-face communication makes the brand closer to its customers as it sticks with them and become more than a campaign.

Pop-up experiences, sponsored events, experiential marketing technology tools like these help us move past a billboard mindset into the next era of marketing.

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