If it weren’t for persuasive techniques, loads of important things wouldn’t have been done. Sometimes it seems to be an easy mission, other times it can be considered the hardest and the most hated part to be done. However, in the end it is an extremely important step that each and every person experience whether in the daily life situations or in the professional field.

Moving forwardly, by digging deeper in exploring some of the persuasive techniques, let us first discuss how important it is to successfully send the message to the targeted audience and have a good impact on them.  Surely, a whole marketing campaign might be ruined if the message failed to reach the recipients effectively. That’s why the persuasive techniques play an important role as a double faced sword that has to be cautiously used.

To begin with, putting into consideration that the audiences do not perceive the message similarly is a must.  The concept of persuading someone with a certain thing has to be based on an important base which is studying the mentality of the needed audience and knowing their lifestyles and psychological needs, in order to be able to know the way that is going be used to influence them. This can be accomplished through different ways such as: in depth interviews with the consumers that can help in identifying their inner motivations, surveys and questionnaires as well, whether online or hand to hand they also can also help in recognizing the needs of the consumers.

Basically there are many persuasive techniques, in which their influences vary that can be divided into some categories such as emotional ones where many types lie underneath it. The emotional can be used through applying different appeals in different ways such as the fear appeal, which is to play on the personal fears of the audience such as fear of darkness, fear of heights or fear of death, although it seems to be negative way, what is surprising though is that fear is in a way attractive. There is a biological evidence for it. When person is scared epinephrine, a hormone rising adrenaline, is released, which creates pleasurable sensation.

Secondly is working on the addiction and obsession, what people are addicted to or obsessed by for instance nowadays people are obsessed by precautions against Covid-19, another example is addiction to mobile phones and social media. It is scientifically proven that when a person gets a new text, the shot of dopamine is released creating the pleasurable feeling, But the more often person experience the sensation, the greater tolerance he builds and the more product or behaviour is needed to satisfy the craving.

Moving on towards an important appeal which is the peer pressure, it is scientifically proven that all humans have a need to belong, to be accepted and be a part of society. Therefore if a human being found everybody around him agreeing about something or getting a certain product it may encourage him to get convinced with it, this can be done through shedding the light on such thing in a particular ad.

To wrap it all up, there are lots of techniques that are uncountable, however they are exceedingly important and influential. As a result they have to be well recognized and studied in order to successfully reach the goals.

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