Storytelling that makes businesses grow

Storytelling that makes businesses grow

Now when we think of a story, we assume it’s a book or movie but the truth is that it’s about how to structure an idea to deliver a certain message, and in marketing this message’s purpose is to sell.

Story is a powerful tool to use in advertising since it connects directly with human emotions, impressions and memory. The storyteller in the marketing world uses the basic tools of building a narrative, a character and a flow that aims to grab the customer’s attention towards a specific point.

By drawing a scene with words and describing causes and effects the storyteller provokes a mix of feelings and impressions in the reader’s mind, inspiring him to take a psychological decision and a mental preference.

The attitude that lies behind the action determines what routine or habit the customer relies on in his daily life. Such information can only be known through good research while changing the course of that habit or implementing a new routine requires a well targeted story that addresses the buyer persons with certain keywords.

Words and images both create the impression which then leads to a decision, telling a story is another kind of visual through which the storyteller builds a length varying sequence to evoke intense number of feelings, in other words to give your customer the convincing motive to buy your product thus improving digital communication and operate effectively in virtual space.

A good storytelling method is to run an investigative campaign and collect stories from clients who used similar product before, it’ll then be easier to know how this brand affected people’s lives, which segmentation was targeted and what extra benefits do they expect from a new product.

The only hero in your story is the customer, he is the main character who you should build and analyze, understand his motives and predict his actions. In the case marketing storytelling, we don’t predict actions but rather dictate it indirectly.

This kind of marketing builds trust with the customer, along with guiding them through the process and the necessary steps which lead to results and outcome, since a story’s worst enemy is boredom, and that only comes when there’s no value or lesson is added to the customer.

New outcome is solid goal for any story, you can always pitch a good story when you add a new value to the customer’s need, and give a solution through a catchy narrative to their problem.

A good marketing story should address the client’s needs, and give them another human experience of similar clients who used the product and found a solution. With only three points a marketing story should achieve its aim; who’s the customer, what’ their main complaint or problem, and how do they entertain themselves.

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