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Our mission is to lead our partners across the chess board all the way to the success point, using uncanny strategies and careful moves.


With our eye on the game and by our clear-sighted leadership, we aspire to carry on the smart moves that shall place us on top and lead our clients to success.


Welcome to the world of chess, where there might be a lot of players but only strategic winners can survive. Same in the world of advertising and marketing, where the competition might be tough and on the rise, but we’re ready to let you conquer the field, win all rounds and call a checkmate.

We have been in the game of advertising since 2013, we’re a 360 adverting agency with specialties in BTL, digital marketing, media production and more. Our role is to plan for your next big moves and let you lead a successful game by executing flawless and effective campaigns, so that everything goes smoothly and as planned.

One successful move after another, we were able to expand in 2018 and take the game to the next level, the international one! By opening our second branch in Italy which will be serving the global market.

We’re also proud of our partnership with other media geniuses such as Hexagon designs and Eleven+ whom brains are fueled up with creative ideas and moves that shall complement ours and help us win the game faster, by guiding us more through the game and enlightening us with a wider perspective.


We value partnership, by being fully committed to each of our partners.

We value the game spirit but can’t wait to win!

We value persistence so we never give up!

We value quality and thus never settle for less!

We value teamwork and are eager to grow together



We start by settling on the marketing strategy that will help us win the game. We start by studying our opponents, watch their moves before taking ours and then decide on the best ones to take.


We then take bold yet careful moves towards the implementation of your brand’s marketing strategy, these moves are what help us redefine your brand the way it deserves and place it ahead of the competition.


We stay relentless until your brand achieves all of the goals and the objectives of the campaign which will be attained through smart tactics and strong rational behind each and every campaign.   


Our Rooks(Production Team)

Our production team will make sure that the implementation process goes smoothly and maintain the highest quality in production according to the creative ideas and designs. In other words, they’re the ones who turn what we have imagined into reality.

We’re proud to have our own factory and printer press to ensure a maximum level of quality, guarantees a timely manner delivery and reasonable prices for our clients.

Our Bishops (Account Managers)

The multitaskers who play the role of clients to make sure that everything is done at its best. They’re basically the strong link connecting the creativity of our teams to the vision of clients, by setting a strong and suitable strategy and an action plan to be followed by our creative team.

The Queen (the one planning the moves)

Digital Marketing strategist

The queen of the chess game, the one who sees the bigger picture and the most powerful in the marketing game with the ability to guide and move the entire team. Our marketing strategists evaluate the best scenarios and predict outcomes before deciding on the next move.Setting a marketing strategy requires patience, discipline and deep understanding of the market and luckily, our team is skilled with all these traits.

Social Media Experts

Under the guidance of the digital marketing strategists, our knights move in calculated steps that are best suitable for your brand, they’re the know-it-all media freaks who’re eager to experiment new tactics but without risking your brand.

King(Creative Team)

The creative minds who only need guidance but are well aware of all the latest trends and have a way with words, they’re the players behind powerful and meaningful words. Also having our backs, a team of directors who have an eye on every small detail, and copywriters with so many ideas and insights on their minds that can’t wait to be unleashed.

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