we stay relentless and persistent until we can call check mate

Marketing consultation

Just like in a chess game, you have to begin with a clear vision, have the right insights and then carry on with a plan accordingly. The strategy comes next and it is what makes a brand stand strong among others, once a strategy is placed in and is in order, it’s time to attack by implementing an action plan.

Media Production

Let us capture the real you and turn the strategies on papers to real magic, trust us to bring your brand to life, renewed and viewed from a unique angle that brings out the best in it. 

tv commercials

TV commercials are tricky but we’re definitely up for it! After all, a TV concept also relies on a strategy but this time with a true insight that can intrigue the audience and connect with them. There are dozen commercials, but only a few remain memorable! Those are the ones we create. 

motion Graphic

Motion graphics is much faster and easier to execute, yet is an effective and popular way of giving life to static drawings.

Cooperate videos

If you’re looking for a more professional way of positioning your brand, then a corporate video is your way of delivering straightforward messages and getting your brand out there by telling the success story of your brand.

booth Production

One of the tactics in chess is the way you display yourself and your strategies and in the world of marketing, it’s important for you to display your products in a way that the consumers will never forget. To us, it is no longer a daunting task but a chance to put your brand on display, nicely!We do Booth configurations (inline, corner, island, peninsula …etc) and Booth design.

event Management

It is one thing to imagine planning the impossible for your event and it is another to actually put that plan into action and implement it the way you have imagined it.

We’re armed with the best knights who are ready to take on any challenge and conquer any obstacle in order to make your event go smoothly just as flawlessly planned.
All you have got to do is set the goals of your event and leave it to us to accomplish them

digital marketing

Digital marketing is all about setting the right strategy that will help push your brand forward all the way to the finish line, luckily, we’re chess masters with moves based on a clear perspective of the market and with anticipation to what the competitor may have in mind so we’re always prepared. 


We design what suits a royalty because a brand image says it all and therefore must say it right, that’s why we make sure that every detail in a design is well thought of and considered.

web development

Just like we understand the big role that offline platforms play; we understand as well that the real game isn’t on the field only but also online where there’s a need to boost your business. So, with the help of our brilliant web developers who design your websites considering the three most important factors:  usability, functionality and visualization, we will help your business reach its targeted audience and spread a good word of mouth.

360 campaigns

360 degree is pretty much always a good thing to hear, because it reflects a complete picture and a unified solution. 360 campaigns are our favorite round of a game because it reaches audience everywhere, they would turn on the TV and find a commercial of yours, or see a banner ad of yours as they scroll their homepage, or maybe run into your brand on a billboard! Bottom line is, we deliver 360 marketing campaigns that will reach your audience wherever and whenever they are; through print, in-store, digital and social media.

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